utils to explore WoW game client files
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useful tools to inspect wow client files.


dbccat <dbcfile> [<dbcfile>] [-x|--hex] [-v|--verbose]

file format (header)

signature result count field count result size stringblock size
4 byte 4 byte 4 byte 4 byte 4 byte

the signature is defined as WDBC

file format (results)

field field field
4 byte 4 byte 4 byte 4 byte

every result consists ususally of 4 byte large fields. The result size as well as the number of results is defined in the header.

Known field types are:

  • uint8_t
  • uint32_t
  • int8_t
  • int32_t
  • float (4 byte)
  • uint32_t as offset relative to the beginning of the stringblock
  • bitmask (4 byte)

there is no definition in dbc that points out the field types.

localized strings usually are attached to each other.

loc0 loc1 loc2 loc3 loc4 loc5 loc6 loc7 loc8 (>=TBC)
enUS/ruRU koKR frFR deDE zhCN zhTW esES esMX ruRU

the developer of the ruRU client files for vanilla chose loc0.

file format (stringblock)

the stringblock is a large block containing \0 delimeted strings. It starts with a \0 even if there are no strings stored in a dbc file.