Updated 2 months ago

a wow ingame shell

Updated 9 months ago

a rest api for wow databases

Updated 7 months ago

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classic WoW addon

Updated 8 months ago

syslog patterndb for cmangos

Updated 7 months ago

a c library to write your own WoW core

Updated 10 months ago

Release Engineering ("RelEng") is a project focused on coordinating and improving the creation of official releases

Updated 8 months ago

an overlay to extend gentoo linux

Updated 1 week ago

gentoo release engineering recipes

Updated 5 days ago

MMORPG database for WoW classic

Updated 8 months ago

MMORPG server for WoW classic

Updated 8 months ago

Updated 3 weeks ago

A content database for mangos-wotlk, and World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.3.5

Updated 1 week ago

C(ontinued)-MaNGOS is about: -- Doing WoW-Emulation Right!

Updated 20 minutes ago

an UI for cmangos-api

Updated 3 months ago