lua framework to build customized gentoo stages. larry is inspired by catalyst
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larry is your friendly cow that builds your custom gentoo stage tarball. It is inspired by gentoo’s catalyst but unfortunately catalyst doesn’t met my requirements. Catalyst aims to build generic stage tarballs for all people over the world while larry allows you to customize stage tarballs for your needs.

Especially when it comes to pre-compilation tasks like setting locales to build only specific ones like only en_US.UTF-8.

Currently larry is in a early state of development therefore a lot of features are still missing. Feel free to contribute your stuff.


As for now there are two valid targets



which builds a standard stage3 tarball without kernel or initram. Only the base root filesystem containing your extra packages.


expands the stage3 target and allows to choose a kernel to build with your custom kernel config

getting started

to install larry on gentoo just add this overlay. Then choose an example spec file from the contrib directory and customize it.

emerge -avq dev-util/larry
larry /path/to/your/custom.spec

That’s it.